Matcha? Green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. Easy to drink and great to prepare cakes and smoothies.

We offer 3 different kinds of matcha. Wazuka N°1 comes from the first harvest of the year (May) and has a very delicate aroma. Wazuka N°2 comes from the second harvest, as the second best kind of matcha it the perfect introduction. Wazuka N°3 is a blend of November and summer harvests. It has a more intense taste which is perfect for lattes or baking.

Here at AMIKAMATCHA, we sell only carefully chosen, organic Japanese matcha products.

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All our products are made and produced in the Wazuka-cho Sagara-gun region, in the southern Kyoto prefecture, and come from a family-owned business. The area of Wazuka-cho, with its river and beautiful green tea farms on hills, is well known for its pure, clean air and for its fog, which is what gives our matcha tea its unique sweetness/umami.


Why is AMIKAMATCHA so unique?

  • First matcha from Wazuka available in Europe.
  • Packed in Japan to ensure the highest quality.
  • Only cerimonial, super premium and premium grades.
  • Environment-friendly, no artificial flavours or added ingredients.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Harvested at the best times of the year and only the youngest leaves are used.
  • Cultivated by farmers who have been mastering the art of producing Japanese green tea for centuries.