Bamboo Whisk – Chasen Takayama n.1

Handmade/Japanese/Matcha Utensils
Handcrafted matcha spoon, made in Takayama, Japan



HEIGHT: 11 cm.
WEIGHT: 79 g.
COLOUR: White.
100% made from white Hachiku bamboo.
Perfect to whisk matcha tea into a delicious frothy brew in a matcha bowl.
Perfect also to whisk thick tea (koicha) and thin tea (usucha).
The shape,size and number of tines represent one of the most traditional whisk used in Japan
Recognised by the Urasenke School of Tea Ceremony.
Made in Takayama area, Nara Prefecture, Japan.
Carefully packaged in a box.
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All AMIKAMATCHA Chasen and Chashaku have been handcrafted by Master Craftsman Sabun Kubo who continues to perform the art of hand sculpting Chasen and Chashaku since 24 generations. Kubo’artisanal skills have been recognised by the Japanese Government and his work has also been exhibited in the Louvre of Paris. Our Japanese bamboo items are only made in Japan, in Takayama area and are known for being durable, carefully made and long-lasting. A precious tradition which continues to live in each single cup of Matcha.
AMIKAMATCHA presents Chasen Takayama N.1 as a must have. This handcrafted Chasen, created by the artisan Sabun Kubo, will allow you to create a perfectly smooth Matcha drink. We recommend this Chasen in your kitchen as an important item to help you prepare delicious Matcha tea and also to remind you of a centenary Japanese tradition.


Wet the bamboo whisk before you use it. When it is dry, it becomes brittle and easy to break.
Store the bamboo whisk on a whisk keeper after using it or in a dry place. This will help the whisk to retain its shape.
If the handle develops a tiny crack, we recommend you continue using the the whisk as long as it is usable.
Bamboo bristle tips are slightly curled before use. The tips will usually uncurl after the first or second use.

Tip for Whisking:
When you prepare matcha, whisk slowly over the entire bottom of the matcha bowl with the whisk´s bristle tips. Whisk the upper half of the matcha brew, moving the whisk quickly like writing the letter “W.” In doing so you will create a nice and delicious frothy matcha.


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