Matcha Bowl – Grey Mosaic

Handmade/Japanese/Matcha Utensils
Handcrafted matcha bowls, made in Nara, Japan



DIAMETER: 12.5 cm.
HEIGHT: 9 cm, standard matcha bowl size.
WEIGHT: circa 450 g.
MATERIAL: Ceramic.
COLOUR: Light grey with darker grey motives.
FEEL: Gentle and stable to the touch. Perfect grip.
Essential tool for the best matcha experience.
Natural variations make each matcha bowl unique.
Made in Nara, Japan.
Packed in a white carton box.


Shipping: 1-3 working days to Germany
Shipping: 3-8 working days within Europe

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This unique matcha bowl features a glossy light grey color background and irregular darker cracks. The technique used to produce this effect is called KANNYU, which gives the appearance of a cracked surface due to the different levels of shrinkage between the earthenware and the glaze. When the heated bowl is cooled down, a substance called iron oxide is rubbed over the surface of the bowl, allowing the color to gradually sink into the cracked lines. This bowl is perfect to prepare matcha due to its shape and firm grip. In fact, thanks to its shape, you will be able to prepare matcha by using a whisk and avoiding any spillage. Each pattern of cracking is so different that each bowl is simply unique. Enjoy every sip of your matcha in this elegant matcha bowl!



Natural variations make each matcha bowl unique.
Before using your AMIKAMATCHA matcha bowl for the first time, please soak it in tepid water for one or two minutes.
If the bowl hasn´t be used for a long time, please repeat the process mentioned above. This will help you keep the matcha bowl strong, durable, clean and stain-resistant.
Wash your matcha bowl only with tepid water and by hand.
Do not wash the matcha bowl in the dishwasher.


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