Wazuka N°3 – Premium Matcha

Elixir of youth, made in Japan



NAME: Wazuka N°3.
ORIGIN: Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
FLAVOUR: Very delicate green tea aroma with earthy tones.
COLOUR: Olive green.
ESSENCE: Early morning ritual.
HARVEST SEASON: May and November.
TYPE OF LEAVES: Blend of Okumidori of two harvests (organic).
WEIGHT: 100 g.
CALORIES: 1 teaspoon (2 g) = 6 kcal.
SERVING SUGGESTION: Half teaspoon( 1-2 grams) for every half to one cup of water. Ideal for lattes. Treat yourself, even at work, with your daily matcha latte. Try it also with soya or almond milk for a vegan vibe. Great in smoothies.BIO: DE-ÖKO-070


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Wazuka N°3, Premium Matcha, is organically grown on the Wazuka region between Kyoto and Nara. This Matcha is obtained from a blend of organic Okumidori leaves, which are covered with black sheets 20 days before the harvest period to produce the best quality of Matcha. The harvest takes place in two different seasons, May and November, and leads to an olive green colour tea powder. The taste is very special: a delicate green tea aroma with some earthy notes. We love this Matcha with honey or as a latte. Add it to your porridge and your smoothies for an extra healthy kick. This special premium Matcha will make you understand the love and care Japanese farmers take into the cultivation and harvest of this incredible elixir of youth.


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