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You are looking for the best matcha tea, that’s the only reason you landed on this page. We offer you matcha of the highest organic quality straight from the tea farmers in Japan to your home. Without intermediaries or wholesalers.

At AMIKAMATCHA we give you all-round advice so that you can buy the right Matcha.

Find out everything about Japanese tea ceramics and find your favorite Matcha bowl.

Welcome to your Matcha experts.

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We import directly from the tea farmers ourselves. In this way we can guarantee transparency and quality.

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Wazuka N ° 1

MATCHA POWDER / Ceremonial / BIO

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MATCHA POWDER / Super Premium / BIO

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Wazuka set

ORGANIC MATCHA TEA / Ceremonial / Super Premium / Premium

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Where does our matcha tea come from?

Our Matcha is produced by a family business in the Wazuka-cho Sagara-gun region, in the south of Kyoto Prefecture. It is important to us that we know the tea farmers personally and where our Matcha comes from. In this way we can guarantee consistently high quality. We are ready to accept higher prices in order to promote fair trade and to offer you a Matcha tea that is not mass-produced.

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Why matcha tea from AMIKAMATCHA?


Our matcha tea


All of our Matcha teas are grown and produced in the Wazuka-cho region of Kyoto Prefecture. A place with only 4,000 inhabitants, for whom the green drink means everything. Japanese green tea has been grown in Wazuka-cho for 800 years. In the middle of green hills is the tea field where our delicious Matcha tea comes from. Due to its excellent quality, most of it is sold in the famous Uji tea region for further processing.

The local farmers in only use the youngest green tea leaves. We work here with a family business that adheres to the strict regulations of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In this way, first-class product and safety standards are guaranteed.

In addition, we regularly visit our tea farmers in Japan personally in order to offer our customers Matcha tea powder of the highest quality.

Matcha tea powder is ground from fine Japanese green tea leaves. It is the star of the centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony, and its pleasant taste and health benefits make it a favorite with many tea lovers today.

Welcome to the world of Matcha and have fun browsing!

Your Chiara & your Anton